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Construction Contract Administration

We take care of Construction Contract Administration

Studio VARMINE serves as the agent of the client during construction to make sure the contractor and subcontractor are building faithfully to the drawings and specifications. It is not uncommon for unsupervised contractors to ignore drawings or to cut corners in order to increase their profits. Studio VARMINE’s fee is predetermined, so he or she can act as an independent, unbiased observer and advocate for the client when acting as a construction contract administrator. Studio VARMINE can also provide the following important professional services during construction contract administration:

 >> Provide written responses and additional detailed drawings to address questions brought up by the contractor.

>> Resolve any conflicts found between drawings and the specifications.

>> Approve changes to the plans requested by the contractor, in effect mediating changes to the contract between the client and the contractor. These can arise in response to hidden problems in an existing building, or needed changes in the construction schedule or budget.

>> Approve pay applications by the contractor, to ensure that only appropriate construction expenses are reimbursed by the client.

>> Negotiate any disputes between the contractor and the client that may arise and propose solutions to problems.

>> Inspect the building during a final walk-through to ensure that the building is complete enough to be occupied, and follow-up with a contactor to address any remaining deficiencies.

Having an architect provide construction contract administration for your project creates value for you because Studio VARMINE will advocate for your interests in terms of time, money, and quality control during construction.

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