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Project in Details

The simple black badge of cloth represents a kind of mourning, lamentation, sorrow, grief, agony etc. The participants wear this as a symbol of protest while they are generally in procession. This represents inhuman killings, torture and all kinds of unlawful senseless impudence and so it is made symbolically enlarged as the black-faced demon of war against humanity. This black structure also represents human emotions, feelings and sympathetic connotations against evil, misdeeds and injustices which we have been fighting for all times always. This will be made of glass fiber reinforced concrete with black pigment. It is erected on marble finished base. On the top of this black structure a white pigeon or bird will be added as if it is coming to be emerged out to fly over. This bird is the symbol of peace, love, harmony and anti-war mind-set for which Nagasaki Peace Park is dedicated to belong and sustain. It easily communicates to the viewers and helps to make them understand the inner concepts for which it is created. With all above attributes this design has been selected as the best by the Jury Committee.